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Professional 240V - Comet KE Compact 3.10 Extra

Hot Water - Professional "KE Compact"

Professional use – defined as one where the machine is to be used regularly, but not constant basis.

General Features:

  • Pump
    • 3 Piston Comet Plunger pump, flanged directly to the electric motor
    • Brass Head
    • Quick Coupling fits to standard garden hose
  • Motor
    • Heavy duty 4 pole electric motor (1400 rpm)
    • Electrical Outlet - standard domestic 15amp plug on single phase
    • New "Easy Start" mechanism guarantees motor will start in all conditions
    • TOTAL STOP automatically shuts down the pressure washer down when the gun is closed
    • Thermal motor protection in case of overheating
  • Other
    • Large rubber lined wheels designed for easy movement around the home
    • Inbuilt detergent tank (13 Litre)
Model KE Compact
3.10 Extra
Water Pressure - max. (Psi) 1885 Psi
Water Flow Rate 10 l/min.
Water Temperature 0-90°C
Hose Reel X
Electric Motor
Power Rating - kW 2.2 kW
Voltage 240 Volt
Electrical Outlet Size 15 amp
Motor speed - rpm 1440 Rpm
Thermal Motor Protection
Pump Type Plunger
Pump Head Brass
Pump Pistons 3
Pump Total Stop
Weight 109 kg
Dimensions 97 x 71 x 86